Janis Lyn​

Janis Lyn grew up in Toronto, Canada and makes her home here.  From a very young age, she showed a passion for music and singing.  She grew up playing piano, violin, singing and sharing her love of music in choirs and orchestras.   At a very young age, she dealt with a significant illness and knows that her passion for singing was her healing.  In the midst of university she discovered the world of Nashville, CMT, and songwriting and began to study melodies, lyrics, and messages and meanings.   From this time she planned to  get to Nashville and discover what the city,  country music and songwriting were all about.

Finally in the summer of 2003 Janis Lyn moved to Nashville and spent several months falling in love with all that Music City had to offer.  From concerts, songwriting seminars, songwriting dates, in the rounds, open mic and of course the people, the community and the easy pace the city offers, Janis Lyn holds a special place in her heart for what Nashville showed her about music and life.

Back home in Canada she found herself gradually surrounded by an amazing, talented group of musicians who inspired and supported her as she cultivated her love and craft of songwriting.  Under the guidance of her Producer, Kevin Ker, of Epidemic Music Group, Janis Lyn spent almost all of 2014 creating and collaborating to bring the 5 songs that are on her debut EP, Audience of One.  

The adventure of creating her EP continued with a week long session in Nashville at The Couch Room, under the guidance of Eric Torres as Mix Engineer, and Erik Halbig, producing the additional sessions, to bring the final sound of her debut EP together.